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Women Above Rubies (W.A.R) is an International women’s organization with the vision to impact women for self-awareness and making a lasting impact.

Founded in 2019

& Growing Fast

Women Above Rubies (W.A.R) is an International women’s organization called to support women of all ages in their journey for self-discovery, value reorientation and fulfilling their life purpose for we believe that every woman is made to be significant in life.

It’s a platform for women to rediscover themselves, for value reorientation and self-awareness of their innate abilities. It’s a place where women despite their struggles, challenges and issues they come as they are to worship their Maker and be built by Him to face the world, He already has overcome for them.

It’s a platform to train, mentor and educate women of all ages to fulfill destiny and be a priceless woman whose price is far above rubies.

We strive to bring out the best in you.

We are Women Above Rubies!
We are a rare Gem!
Naked and Not Ashamed!

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Our events have benefitted thousands of women across the world.
Our mode of operation is, monthly meetings, quarterly conferences/workshops, end-of-the-year Pathway Summit including Meet and Feast celebration.

Empowered Series

Our quarterly training/conference whereby we invite speakers to educate and inform us regarding various topics that affect us as women with mentorship support.

Time of Inspiration

We gather to praise, worship, and pray to our maker and then be built on through various teachings, reviews of books, bible characters, and articles that relate to us as women.

Pathway Summit

This is our annual conference where we gather to be engineered through learning from experienced speakers which is gear up to prepare for the coming year.

Meet & Feast

This is time of thanksgiving, praise, and celebration to our God for the year. The event is often organized to round up our activities for the year in appreciation to God.

Shaping A Place For Women

Connect with like-minded women worldwide. Gain expert knowledge through monthly professional development events. Actively apply your skills through local and/or international involvement.

Aghogho Oluwakemi O.

My Story →
This platform has been a blessing to my family and I spiritually, financially, emotionally, and career-wise. I have experienced love and support in terms of growth in the above-mentioned areas, through life inspiring seminars, workshops, and spiritual support.


My Story →
When I got the invitation to attend the inaugural event (birth) of women above Rubies, I thought to myself this will be a one-time thing, but here I am not having enough of this great platform. I have become more aware of my place as a woman, been empowered to do more, and strive for higher heights because of this platform, I have become more prayerful and intentional in my walk with God because of this platform. Mentors and women who I would love to become in the future I have encountered on the same platform.

Esther Sanyaolu

My Story →
I am so blessed to be part of this wonderful platform. It has impacted my life in a tremendous way and also to my family at large. We are always glad for this to have crossed our path at this prime age. The empowerment series and the prayer hours are great motivations I can never do away with. The consistent engagement and encouragement have made a lot of difference in my life, spirit, home, and business. God bless you.


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